WEEK AQUA Z400Z SEA RGB UV LED Full Spectrum Marine Aquarium Light


or 3 X රු24,000.00 with Koko

Designed specifically for seawater and reef aquariums, this advanced lighting solution promotes coral growth, enhances fish colors, and offers convenient app control.

  • Power : 90 w
  • Flux : 2800 ml
  • Dimensions : 400 mm




Elevate Your Reef Aquarium with the WEEK AQUA Z400Z SEA RGB UV LED Full Spectrum Marine Aquarium Light

Transform your seawater aquarium into a vibrant underwater paradise with the WEEK AQUA Z400 SEA RGB UV LED Full Spectrum Marine Aquarium Light. Specifically designed for reef aquariums, this cutting-edge lighting solution offers an array of features tailored to enhance coral growth, promote fish tanning, and provide lasting brilliance in saltwater environments. With convenient app control, your aquatic masterpiece is just a touch away.

Ideal for Seawater Aquariums:
The WEEK AQUA Z400Z SEA is meticulously crafted for seawater aquariums, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in marine environments. Trust in its durability and reliability to withstand the unique challenges of saltwater setups.

Designed for Reef Aquariums:
Experience the beauty of your reef aquarium coming to life with the Z400Z SEA’s specialized design. The carefully engineered spectrum and intensity of light cater to the unique needs of corals, fostering their growth and enhancing their vibrant colors.

Promotes Coral Growth:
Give your corals the attention they deserve. The Z400Z SEA’s full spectrum lighting mimics natural sunlight, promoting photosynthesis and accelerating coral growth. Watch as your reef thrives under the nourishing glow of this advanced marine aquarium light.

Facilitates Fish Tanning:
Enhance the natural colors of your fish with the WEEK AQUA Z400Z SEA. The precisely calibrated spectrum includes UV LEDs that stimulate pigmentation, bringing out the vivid hues of your fish and creating a stunning visual display in your aquarium.

App Control for Ultimate Convenience:
Take control of your aquarium’s lighting with the user-friendly app. Adjust the intensity, color spectrum, and lighting schedule effortlessly from your mobile device. Whether you’re at home or away, managing your marine ecosystem has never been more convenient.

Long-Lasting Durability in Saltwater:
Built to endure the harsh conditions of saltwater environments, the Z400 SEA boasts long-lasting performance. The corrosion-resistant materials and robust construction ensure that your investment in this marine aquarium light pays off for years to come.

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