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Enhance Your Aquatic Experience with Smart Lighting

Are you passionate about creating the perfect ambiance for your aquarium? Look no further! Introducing the Weekaqua Aquarium Light Control App – your ultimate companion for achieving stunning lighting effects and ensuring the optimal environment for your aquatic friends.

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  1. For ios, Apple APP store search“WEEKAQUA ” download and install. Or scan the manuals QR code to download and install.
  2. For Android , Google App store Google Play search “WEEKAQUA ”download and install.
  3. For Android, Huawei mobile app market search “WEEKAQUA ”download and install.
  4. For Android, MI mobile phone application market search“WEEKAQUA ” download and install.
  5. For Android, OPPO mobile application market search “WEEKAQUA ”download and install.
  6. For Android, vivo mobile phone application market search “WEEKAQUA ” download and install.
  7. For Android, Tencent app store search “WEEKAQUA ” download and install.
  8. For Android. Download and install the official website of WEEKAQUA www.weekaqua.com/app(You can download the website only when you open it in your browser.)
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Key Features

Intuitive Control

Easily manage your aquarium lights with a user-friendly interface. Adjust brightness, color temperature, and lighting schedules effortlessly, all at your fingertips.

Customizable Lighting Scenes

Dive into a world of creativity with customizable lighting scenes. Simulate natural daylight, moonlight, and even recreate mesmerizing underwater landscapes with just a few taps.

Smart Scheduling

Set up daily or weekly lighting schedules to mimic natural light cycles. Provide your fish and plants with a consistent and comfortable environment, promoting their health and well-being.

Weather Simulation

Through the use of lighting, discover the beauty of the weather variations in your aquarium. Recreate the elements of nature to enthral your aquatic ecosystem, from sunny days to stormy nights.

Moonlight Mode

Create a tranquil nighttime ambiance with the Moonlight Mode. Adjust the intensity for a soothing glow that mimics the moon’s gentle reflection on the water’s surface.